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Cancer is a disease new to none. Cancer brings not only several lifestyle changes with it but also causes long-term damage to the body of the patient carrying it. With plenty of chemotherapies lined up, cancer drains nearly 90% of the energy from the vital organs. Where chemotherapy sessions are painful, there isn’t a complete guarantee that the patient in question will make a full recovery after the planned chemo-session procedures are carried out.

When we hear about someone diagnosed with cancer, it feels like a burden to even digest that news alone – think about the devastating experiences the patient himself has to go through. From simple body changes to feeling dizzy, someone who has cancer can undergo a series of phases. Where the severity of brain cancer can disable a person from making simple everyday decisions – there is also much significance left in discussing the outcomes of a cancer patient who fought throughout the procedure and continued to live everyday life. Not the ordinary life we live – but the new normal ‘post-cancer’ life leaves some marks behind.

Differentiation in the Society
Understanding how we act around people with special medical conditions dramatically impacts their lives. Making one small change in our society can make them feel loved and cared for, just like other people walking the earth. When cancer causes an individual to develop abnormal physical transformation, people living in the neighborhood tend to ignore their morals and begin to differentiate the lifestyle of that particular person and forget about the factor of acceptance that’s lacking in them.

Returning to the New Normal
When a cancer fighter begins to wipe off the habit of showing up for scheduled chemo sessions and high-dose medicines, he’s trying to find a new life after he’s beat the deadly disease. As a part of society, a person with a special medical condition must be treated only through love, support, acceptance, and validation. Taking the struggles into account, it’s the core responsibility of every member belonging to the community to accommodate anyone and everyone with open arms as a part of society, just like any other normal human being.

“Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” — Jim Valvano

About the Author – Joseph Farley
A very well-renowned author of the book Scars, Joseph Farley, comes from a background where he feels self-motivated to be there for people without expecting anything in return. Playing a selfless role of an ordinary person his entire life, Farley has an objective to serve the people. Indulging in motivational speaking – he’s conducted several remarkable events and spoken about his roller-coaster life journey. Following his life experience, Farley has penned the book Scars, which revolves around how he lived a life where he outlived brain cancer and continued to lead a new life with the same spirit of being a helping hand for those in need.

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