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Fight for Yourself, Find the Cure—Never Give Up!

Scars remind us what hurts us is also what heals us!

It is true that we all have always been fascinated by the power of the will to live. Humans, like all other animals, have a strong survival instinct. When threatened with a deadly illness like cancer, we all draw on a force that gives us a will to fight for our survival. Nevertheless, this force is more strong in some people than in others.

Sometimes the biology of cancer will determine the course of events, despite a patient’s positive outlook and strong will to fight this life-threatening disease. Often, these events are beyond our control. Patients with optimistic outlooks, however, are better able to manage their illness and its symptoms, and they may also respond better to the treatment. Many doctors have observed that when two patients are the same age and have the same diagnosis, the same severity of illness, and the same treatment plan, they can have wildly divergent outcomes.

Learn About Nurturing Hope While Dealing with the Devil in Scars

Scars by Joseph Farley is a spellbinding autobiography that revolves around Joe who was diagnosed with brain tumor. Joe chronicles his courageous battle with cancer and the challenges he faces during his treatment, from the grueling seizure sessions, to the devastating impact the disease had on his relationships.

Joe is open and honest about the highs and lows of his experience including the physical and emotional toll that cancer took away from him. His candid account provides an intimate look at what it is like to fight a brain tumor. His story will resonate with the struggles anyone who has faced a similar challenge. Scars also offers valuable insights into a patient’s  and cargergivers silent battles. Joe’s frank discussion of radiation, chemotherapy, post-treatment plans will be informative for anyone considering these treatments.

Scars is an inspirational account of one man’s journey through life’s most dreaded challenges. It’ll surely resonate with anyone who has faced adversity in their own life. Indeed, it’s a story of hope and determination that will leave readers feeling uplifted and hopeful.

Inspiration Behind Writing a Memoir

Joe knew he was up against tough battle when Joseph was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was persistent in it but there were days when he felt like giving up. That’s when he stumbled across the idea of writing an autobiography and narrating his life as a brain tumor survivor to people who had gone through a similar experience.

The book, Scars, took on a new meaning for Joe and gave him a renewed sense of purpose. Joe was able to connect with others who were struggling brain tumors as he was. Today, Joe still is battling his brain tumor and is looking for positive ways to solves its many complications. He is constantly seeking ways to find inspiration to all who have faced similar challenges.

About the Author

Joseph thought he had a perfect life until cancer came along and turned everything upside down. He had a great job, loving friends and family, and the girl of his dreams. But everything changed when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Joe’s dream life suddenly turned into his own personal tragedy. An unsuccessful surgery led him into a deeper depression. Joe’s story reflects strength and determination in the face of seemingly undefeatable odds. He refuses to give up even though his fight with cancer continues.

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