What is the genre of Scars?

Scars is an autobiography by Joseph Farley, a person diagnosed with cancer early on.

What is the message behind the book Scars?

Scars by Joseph Farley conveys vast messages of profound ideas and contemplation on life and transformations beyond adversities. Being on a cancer journey is not easy because of the numerous uncertainties or unknowns that could occur, but the strong drive to live and accomplish more is very intense and desirous. For the most part, Joseph’s positive attitude motivated him never to give up!

Is Scars based on real-life experience?

Yes, Scars is a real-life story about a person living with cancer. It motivates readers to keep fighting in the face of adversity and helps them realize that they are not alone in their struggle and that there is always a silver lining for a better tomorrow.

What is Scars about?

In Scars, Joseph chronicles his journey with humor and honesty, offering readers insight into what it is like to face a life-threatening illness.

Who should read Scars?

Scars is a fantastic read for anyone who has ever faced a challenge in their life. It is uplifting, inspiring, and provides a much-needed dose of hope!

What is the inspiration behind Scars?

Joseph was determined to beat cancer, but there were days when he felt like giving up. That’s when he stumbled across the idea of writing an autobiography and narrating his life with cancer to people who had gone through a similar experience.