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When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the first and foremost thing his family, friends, and colleagues do is express how sorry they are to hear about it. At the same time, the actual demand of the situation is to empower and help him live up to the best while confidently fighting the battle against cancer with a wide smile. Pulling an individual out of a feeling of grief significantly strengthens their body and the will to live up rather than giving up and going into a state of depression or severe stress.

One must believe that no adversities can occur without God’s will. And when that happens, we need to take a step back and think about all the comfort and luxuries we are blessed with. Taking one step at a time helps us realize how ungrateful we get when we begin to question the reason behind our suffering. Showing gratitude opens doors to endless happiness and is vital for a miraculous recovery. When you feel happy on the inside, your emotions help you maintain more robust mental stability and take things more positively.

Love & Support are Essential
Being admitted to a hospital under extra care and staring at those boring white walls all day long brings no joy and makes the patient suffocate in the environment of medical care. Those precious visits by family members and acquaintances fill a patient’s day with joy and laughter when they reminisce about the special moments they spent with their relatives or at their home-like farm at the grand family reunion. Occurrences leave a deep footprint in the patient’s heart and make him realize how strong he is and what a wonderful family he accompanies.

Talking Oneself Out of It
A cancer diagnosis is not something we get to hear very frequently. So, when you learn about someone diagnosed with cancer within your circle, the first thing after showing sympathy is to think about how you can try to drive your conversation in a way that talks that particular individual out of his serious medical condition. The person diagnosed with cancer can’t help but start wondering what this means for him, how this will change things, what will happen to his physical and mental health, whether or not he’ll have to lose his hair, and other 100 questions popping up one after another with no justified answer to calm him down.

In this incredible experience, the most effective method of mentally healing someone is by talking to them about their interests, hobbies, favorite food, favorite hangout place, and so on. Talking about things that leave a positive gesture in someone’s heart means the world to them – and is of the highest importance, especially during such challenging phases of life.

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” — John Diamond

About the Author – Joseph Farley
Like the subject mentioned above, author Joseph Farley beautifully outlines his real-life journey in the best-selling book Scars. He shared how he overcame the daily-life challenges that halted him from progressing in his professional career and lived to tell the tale.

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