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Be a Warrior—Don’t Let Your Scars Define You

“Finding a sense of hope and motivation can help you face perhaps one of the hardest challenges you will ever experience.”

All of us want to emerge from life events that encompass loss and suffering and have learned invaluable lessons, right?

No, of course not! We do not want all that deadly stuff ever to happen again at all. We want our lives to be easy, with the right amount of challenge to make us feel valiant and vigorous. Then, we want to be rewarded and recognized for our intelligence, resilience, and overcome-all-odds powerfulness.

So what do we do when something devastating happens that we have never imagined? Joseph Farley’s spellbinding autobiography Scars takes on the answer.

Farley’s story is unique but universal in that it speaks to the experience of suffering and loss. Farley doesn’t shy away from the hard times but instead uses them as an opportunity to explore the lessons he has learned. In doing so, Farley offers readers a valuable perspective on how to emerge from difficult life events. By sharing his own story, Farley shows that it is possible to learn from suffering and loss and provides readers with an inspiring example of resilience and strength.

Scars – Joseph Farley’s Cancer Inspiring Memoir

Honesty abounds as the book’s hero documents his health battle.

Scars is the moving, powerful, and deeply personal story of Author Joseph Farley’s battle against brain cancer. His treatment, strength, and determination to live each day to the fullest show how he rebuilt his life once he returned home; the book takes us on a roller-coaster ride through his many fears and struggles and shows how he eventually came out unvanquished.

Strengthening His Will to Live

In cancer treatment, we have seen patients fail on their initial course of chemotherapy, fail again on their second and third treatments, then—with more advanced disease—a fourth treatment becomes highly successful. Unfortunately, Joe had very limited option. After an unsuccessful surgery, things became more difficult for him. Seizures, dodging work, romance, difficulty in living a social life, dealing with heat, preventing medication, and so on, Joseph had trouble keeping his life together. But after everything, Joseph tried to survive.

In all things, Joseph decided to take a risk because he wanted to win. To get a remission or recover with the best quality-of-life that all cancer patients do. The willingness to take risks allows Joseph to generate hope and a positive atmosphere in which the components of the will to live are improved.

Fostering Hope

Hope is vital out of all the ingredients in the will to live and survive. Hope is all about the mental and emotional state that motivates you to keep on living to accomplish things and succeed. Anyone who lacks hope can easily give up on life and lose the will to live. There is little to live for without hope. But with hope, Joseph maintained a positive attitude, determined his strengths, sharpened his coping skills, and continued to love and support more freely given and received.

He believes hope must be maintained even if a diagnosis is such that the future seems limited. Hope is what people have to live on. Take away hope, and you take away a chance for the future, which leads to depression. When people fall into that low emotional state, their bodies simply turn off.

Joseph Farley – The Author

Joseph thought he had a perfect life until cancer came along and turned everything upside down. He had a great job, loving friends and family, and the girl of his dreams. But everything changed when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Joe’s dream life suddenly turned into his own personal tragedy. An unsuccessful surgery led him into a deeper depression. Joe’s story reflects strength and determination in the face of seemingly undefeatable odds. He refuses to give up even though his fight with cancer continues.

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